Shampoodles offers a variety of services to meet your needs.

Blueberry Facial- helps to eliminate stains from the faces of lighter coated breeds, as well as an overall deep cleaning and coat brightening

Nail trims- nail trims are essential in maintaining correct foot structure. Proper nail length can prevent your pet from being in unnecessary pain from improper foot structure or nails growing into the foot pads.

Color- looking for something a little fun for your light coated pet? How about adding a temporary color? Your pet can have a temporary color (washes out in a few baths or fades over time) all over or on just a part of their body as in ears or tail.

Pet-toos- another fun way to add a little spunk. Want to support a cause or your favorite team? Add a pet-too to your groom! Pet-too’s are temporary color added to your pet using a stencil and temporary dye or glitter.

Bath and tidy- great for in between full grooms. Includes a sanitary clip, ear clean, nails, bath and face tidy.

Teeth brushing and breath fresh- tartar buildup can cause many health problems. You can help prevent them with regular dental care.

Nail polish- for that finishing touch

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